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Are you a fan of strategic gameplay? Are you a fan of running a country of your own. We would like to present you our share of this week, Civilization Beyond Earth Download Full Version For PC.


Civilization Beyond Earth Storyline overview:

The story went 600 years ahead of now, when there will be a big event call “The Great mistakes” that makes us human have to move to another planet and colonise it and run our city in that new planet.

This is somewhat scientific compare to the previous versions of civilization, it had nothing closed to anything of these.

I think it will be interesting for you all, because now we can feel the creativity of the developers on this matter, let’s proceed into the gameplay parts.

Civilization Beyond Earth GamePlay:

In fact, the biggest different that i have found in this series is that, you are ultimately free to customized your own civilization. Comparing to the previous series, each civilization you choose will has its own unique characteristic along with unique personality, so you are pretty much stuck with the option they gave. Now the game play is a whole lot different,the biggest part is the affinity, let me have a further explain below.

  • Affinity: At first glance, you will think this is similar to what people call ideology in previous series, but the way they are used vary a lot compare to ideology, affinity is developed, not chosen, while ideology is chosen, not developed. This implies that in Civ Beyond Earth, you can customized your own way of civilization, cool isn’t it?
  • You can choose 3 types of affinity to develop: Harmony, Supremacy and Purity.
  • Each Different Types of affinity will have different types of unit, i will explain further below.

Civ Beyond Earth Units:

  • Harmony: this type are those that decide to adapt themselves to the aliens world, they develop their biology and genetic to adapt their life into the alien words, so their building is also somewhat build by using biology and genetic.
  • Supremacy: This group focus on technology and robotic to adapt their life into the alien world, their supreme goal is developing their technology so much that in the future, they will go back to earth and free the life of people living there.
  • Purity: You remember i mentioned “The Great Mistakes”? This group has the vision of changing the new alien world into their old word, of course, before The Great Mistakes.

As you can see, the vision of different types has great uniqueness in it, just imagine you can develop more into each of these types with your own tweak, awesome isn’t it?

Some game play for you to have a feeling about it:

Harmony Group:



Civilization beyond Earth Download Full Version:

Alright i will not waste your time anymore, you can download the file by clicking the Click Here button below.


After downloading the file, just install it normally, run the crack.exe file in the crack folder then you are good to go.

Hope you enjoy me new share, once again thanks for visiting here and hope that this More civilization series will be coming to be shared soon, have a great day.

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