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Criminal Case is one of the most popular hidden object games today because of its solid theme and well made storylines. Unfortunately, it is a freemium game which means it’s free to play but if you want to have an endless supply of energy you need to either pay or finish a task that usually involves ads. This is why if you are a big fan of this game, you will need our Criminal Case free energy cheats. You will no longer need to constantly pay up every time you want to play but you ran out of energy and you can’t wait for it to fill up again.

Criminal case overview:

For first time players of the game, Criminal Case is a hidden object adventure game where you play as a new detective for the Grimsborough Police. You will be assigned to a series of murders which you will help solve by looking for hidden objects in the crime scenes which will be used to identify and apprehend the suspects.

criminal case

There are many hidden objects game out there, but the amazing story-line of this title is what makes it addicting. You will definitely feel the adrenaline rush when you are on the brink of breaking open the case and finding out who is the real culprit behind the crime you are solving. There is also the element of time that will require you to do the tasks as quickly as possible in order to gain bigger bonus and get more energy. You can even get more if you have Criminal Case free energy cheats

Why Criminal Case is such a good game?

Unlike other games of the same genre where you are playing on your own, this game lets you play with your friends and solve crimes together. The incredibly detailed plot and twists will make for a good conversation topic with loved ones and friends or even other people who likes the game as much as you do. Aside from having fun with people close to you, this game is also an excellent way to exercise your brain as it will require you to examine clues and evidence. You will have help from the precinct lab technicians and forensics experts but you will be the tip of the sword out in the field looking for the perpetrators.

You will also get to interrogate suspects and witnesses which add to the thrill of the hunt. You need to catch the killers and bring them to justice before they strike again. If you love detective stories and murder mysteries, you should try and get Criminal Case. It is available for download in iOS and is free to play. It has in-app purchasing available for special items and bonus points. This is the perfect game to play if you want to sharpen those eyes and memory.

Criminal case free energy:

crimincal case free energy

One of the most annoying thing about criminal case is about their energy rewarding system, it will take you forever to finish this game, their energy respawn rate absolutely ridiculous.

Well but the good news is that we have implement this system that can definitely help you a lot. You only need to input the username, number of resources that you want to generate and that is it.

Here is the link to our generator:


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