Devilian – Mixing massive genres


What are you playing today – will it be a click-frenzied lootfest, hunting for legendary loot on procedurally generated map after map? Or maybe a different game where you team up with friends to take on big bosses and dungeons? What if you could do both? Trion Worlds’ Devilian blends isometric hack-and-slash of games like Diablo with MMO-based social features like guilds and dungeon crawls in hopes of making two of the most popular PC genres resonate with a new audience.

This Korean-developed game features traditional class options – melee berserkers, magical evokers, bombastic cannoneers, and stealthy shadow hunters. These classes all have three different skill trees that players can delve into, allowing for significant variation in gameplay. Outside of all the core skills and abilities you’d expect from these archetypal frames, each class can call upon a Devil Form, an ultimate skill that can turn the tide of battle. Devil forms have their own equipment, levels, and skills, so it’s not just a one-shot cooldown skill to punch in the right situation; it’s a whole new way to play.

Unlike a standard ARPG, core MMORPG elements are injected into Devilian that turn it into something else altogether – 20 vs. 20 competitive battles, a marketplace for the buying and selling of goods, dungeons designed for groups of players to delve into (yes, there is a dungeon finder tool for “instant action”), and a guild system that confers benefits and allows players to participate in special raids.

In today’s world of instanced ARPGs you probably won’t run into other players unless you’re grouped with them. That’s not the case here. With Devilian’s open-world system you’ll probably run into quite a few other players as you move from zone to zone, and maybe even choose to take on some open-world bosses along the way.

Devilian features an alternate advancement system so that even capped players will continue to have a way to develop outside of the standard loot treadmill. Combining this with the guild focus and big bosses should be an interesting mix, perhaps avoiding the repetitive feeling that can sink in at the endgame of ARPGs. This all sounds great on paper, but we’ll see if it’s a winning formula in practice later this year

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