Piano Tiles 2 Cheats To Get Infinite Hearts and Diamonds


This is one of the best piano games in iOS ever. They were just released in August 2015 and already being featured for more than 150 times in Appstore alone. This is a huge success from cheetah mobile, would like to congratulate to the developers. I love this game so much now that i have to make a cheats for this :D. Well in short, our Piano Tiles 2 Cheats can help you get unlimited amount of Hearts and Diamonds, which are the most important resources in this game.


Piano Tiles 2 Gameplay:

It sounds extremely simple, all you have to do is try to avoid touching the white tiles in the game. Sounds simple right? but in fact not that much. This game involve a lot of quick touching and reaction, only the one with ridiculously high level of focus can climb the leader-board ladder :D. Oh well, if you are not in to those stuffs then who cares.

Anyway here is the gameplay:

Fun, isn’t it? you can download it right away at our appstore, it is 100% free unless you wanna spend real money on buying diamonds 😀

Get Free lives by changing time of your device:

Well, to be 100% honest, there is nothing new to this trick. It seems not many developers can overcome this even the big boy candy crush can’t get over this trick

Basically, what you have to do is, change the time in your phone a few hours forward, so you don’t have to wait for your hearts to come back. This is an extremely easy to use. The problem is that, sometime it will take forever, by using this trick, now i have to wait 800 hours to play again lol. So i highly suggest you to use our cheats instead of this.

Using our Piano Tiles 2 Cheats to generate unlimited hearts and diamonds

By using our piano tiles 2 cheats, you can have endless hearts and diamonds with nothing to worry about.

It features:

  • Proxy Support.
  • Ban protection shield
  • Erase footprint so you can use it again.
  • Infinite amount of both diamonds and hearts can be generated.

All you have to do is clicking the link below, insert username of your game center account then insert the amount of hearts and diamonds you want to generate. And click generate –> verify you are human then that is it.


It should work, sometime it might take up to 2 hours for you to see them in your account, sometime it is within 10 minutes. That is something we can’t guarantee due to low funding. Anyway, if you got any question regarding this hack, please feel free to leave your question in the comment section below.

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