Smashy Road Cheats To Have Unlimited Cash and Unlock Rare, Legendary Cars

Smashy Road

I can’t stress enough how much i love Crossy road, and now the new Smashy road is pretty awesome as well. If you are also a big fan like me, you have come to the right place. In this post, i will show you how to have unlimited cash as well as unlocking rare and legendary cars for absolutely free with a few of our Smashy Road Cheats Tips.

How to Unlock Rare and Legendary Cards:

Well there are  2 methods to do this, please feel free to let me know if you have another trick.

1. Try your luck

Well, this is a mr.obvious, but you will not believe how easy it is to win these cars, they are extremely easy to get, so i higly suggest you to use your cash to get all these cars. Explanation about how to get unlimited cash will be provided below.

2. Our Cheats also support this feature

Well, our cheat can also help you unlock all of them as well. Just click tick the “unlock rare cars” and “unlock legendary cars” on. More features of this cheat will be provided below.

Smashy road


 A few ways to have unlimited cash:

Well, i this post, i have gather approximately 3 methods to earn free cash, the first 2 is quite obvious, i mention it just in case some of you don’t know yet. The 3rd one is a killing method, i am sure you will like it.

1. Collecting as much cash as you can:

Mr.Obvious is strong here, well, a lot of people are looking down on this strategy but not many of you here realize how much cash you can pile up during the gameplay. Just collect whenever you see the opportunity to do so. It pays off.

2. Watch Videos to earn cash:

This is what i do the most, every time your game circle ends, you will have the opportunity to watch 1 ads or video to earn cash, it usually take 20-25 seconds. And you can earn like 20 cash each video which is insanely fast :D.

3. Use our new hack to generate cash:

Well, unlike the first 2 methods, this one is a little bit different. We have just coded a new hack that can help you get unlimited amount of smashy road cash for absolutely free.

It features:

  • Proxy Supported
  • Ban Free Guarantee
  • Unlimited cash generation
  • All car unlock

The cheats is pretty simple to use, all you have to do is click the link below to go to our generator page. Input the username of your game center and the amount of cash you want to generate.


And then you only need to click Generate, then go through the verification process. And that is it. Sometime it works right away, sometime it might take up to a few hours. Just be patient though.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this cheats for smashy road of our, hopefully you can have all your cars unlocked too.

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  1. It just send me to another page that says click here to get instant access and doesn’t show anything else

    • Hey,

      Sorry for the mistake and thanks for informing.

      I have fixed it, please feel free to let me know if u have any issue.

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