This War Of Mine Download For PC – Full and Free for Windows


This is a This War Of Mine Download For PC, it is currently working on windows 7 or higher only, so if you are running vista or XP then sorry man our full and free version will not work for you. :(

Gaming Overview: b86b76f4ef44bb7018529404a408d339

Well, this game is a little bit similar to strategic games, where you control a group of civilians and try to keep all alive with their given set of skill.

You will have the tools and skills from the characters of the civilians you are controlling, to maximize their capabilities, you must try your best to satisfied their needs, so they can perform better.

You can control them to salvage resources, build houses, cook food and keep them alive.

It also separates you into morning and night time activities. during the day time, you keep them busy by controlling them strengthen your shelter defense, during the night time, you can order them to gain more resources so they can resupply themselves and keep them alive during the harsh situation.

Gameplay video:

Pretty epic if you ask me.

Wait, how did the developers come up with this weird ideas? 

well, the developers was inspired by the event of Seige Of Sarajevo, which is a part of Bosnian war. The condition was quite rough and the living condition is extremely poor and harsh.

This War Of Mine Download For PC – Full and Free for Windows:

Anyway here is the download file for window, please note this only work for window 7 or above, it will not work for Mac OS nor anything else.

So please download the file via clicking the click here button:


Please go through the verification process, run the exe file and use the serial keys in the serial folder –> boooom there you go :D.

I hope you enjoy our Version of This War Of Mine Download For PC, we try our best to keep this websites updated with fresh and new games for all readers here. Enjoy your stay.

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