World Of Warships – Skirmish on the sea with history


Chunks splinter off the hull as a result of a direct hit, fires are threatening to overwhelm your ship, and planes are circling overhead – but you’re determined to get that last shot off and take one of the opponent’s valuable ships out before you go. No, this isn’t a remake of the age-old classic Battleships, but expect plenty of shooting and sinking.

Welcome to Wargaming’s teambased naval offering, World of Warships, where the player picks from a plentiful assortment of ships before heading out into instant action matchmaking. Many different ship tiers and loadouts from the mid20th century are available, ranging from historically accurate vessels to those brought to life from prototype documents (sorry, no submarines). Each ship falls into one of four basic categories.

Destroyers are fast and rather fragile, but boast an incredible payload of destruction (including torpedoes) that can tear apart other ships in a hurry.

Cruisers are the versatile “balanced” option, with a wide assortment of loadouts that are excellent at applying continued assault with a heavy rate of fire and anti-aircraft/torpedo options. Battleships are the slow “tanks” of the World of Warships universe that you want out in front to attract opposing guns. They also pack serious damage potential of their own. The fourth class of ship is perhaps the most interesting – the aircraft carrier. These play much differently than the rest of the ships, and allow the player to command an army of aerial forces with a unique view and control – similar to playing a tactical role in a real-time strategy game.

When I first started playing in early alpha, the combat’s sluggish pace failed to enthrall me. But as the game has gotten closer to launch, the pacing has hit a sweet spot. Battles feel fast (well, as fast as things can get when dealing with big ships on the sea), with enough team-based tactical components to keep skirmishes from devolving into simple slugfests unless that’s what you’re going for. As with the other Wargaming titles, your demise isn’t a great hurdle – you can be back in another match in mere moments.

Though other features like dynamic weather and night battles are still on the horizon, we’ll see if the release version World of Warships is seaworthy later this yea

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