Why Do People Love Shenmue?

The History Yu Suzuki was an early innovator at Sega, creating experiences like HangOn, Out Run, and Virtua Fighter. He developed quick-to-play, profi table experiences for Sega, but as early as the Sega Saturn era,…

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wwe 2k16

WWE 2K16 – Making a face turn

Fans of this long-running wrestling franchise came away feeling that last year’s effort, the first on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, was average at best. With modes trimmed out and odd changes to the control…


XCOM 2 – Gearing up for guerrilla warfare

In XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the human race was forced to react to an invading alien menace. We needed to quickly build up our resources and communications capabilities, train troops, and develop new technologies to combat…